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Increase Your Lead Generation
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Watch and learn as I go over a Facebook ad funnel, the strategy and
why it's so critical in today's landscape of Real Estate lead generation.

What You'll Learn:

  • The Accidental Strategy That Created Millions In Sales
  • The Ad Formula That Multi-Million Dollar Advertising Companies Use
  • How To Stop The Leak In Your Advertising Budget
  • Learn To Leverage Facebook Ad Targeting To Stay In Front Of Every Prospect
  • How To Create A Seller Lead Funnel To Win You More Listings
  • The #1 Mistake Agents Are Making With Facebook Advertising
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You guys have been awesome and my buyer's lead funnel is really paying off! I have generated over 88 leads and as a result I’ve had 31 phone conversations, 14 of these leads are 60-90 days out from buying , 3 are now under contract w/ avg pricepoint at $309k!!

Carter King

A big thank you to Travis Thom and the Elevated REM coaching team! I just ended a Facebook ad that produced 57 leads in 2 weeks. At cost of about $1.50 each. Thank you guys!

Carl Anderson

Travis has been and continues to be the central part of my growth for my marketing. Even my contacts at Facebook swear he is brilliant. Listening to him speak and mastermind about how Facebook integrates with Real Estate is a joy.

Tristan Ahumada

Your stuff absolutely works! I've gotten 1 listing and 3 listing appointments just this week alone!

Aaron Juarez

I'm feeling really good about what I've learned and look forward to practicing working with you. In my first day running the ad you taught me I received over 15 leads.

Debborah Henry

I did really well with the investors funnel. Over the life of the ad which roughly about 3 months, I gained 95 new leads. I have 6 active investors working with me. And so far, I've closed on two homes!

Christopher Basile

Travis is beyond brilliant and is in my opinion THE foremost expert on real estate Facebook Ads - I'm telling anyone who is in this group they MUST go to his website and also join his Facebook group. There is no better trainer in the US on killing it on Facebook, oh and by the way, one of the nicest and humblest people you will ever meet!

Chelsea Peitz

These calls set your coaching apart from all the others I’ve seen. I love that I’m part of your coaching. Thanks!

Jerry Weaver

When it comes to Facebook campaigns for REALTOR®, no one does it better than Travis, he and his team at Elevated Real Estate Marketing have been nationally recognized as one of the best!

Jeff Fargo

Travis. Thanks again for all your help during our one-on-one sessions. I can't even begin to tell you how much it helped us. We received 392 Leads in May alone! I can't wait to run the June report to see how many more leads we have.

Denise E. Rivers

A Real Estate veteran with over 15 years experience in Real Estate brokerage Ownership, Agent management, Sales and Marketing.  A highly sought after Facebook marketing strategist, and national speaker on the topic of Facebook lead generation through psychology and persuasion for Real Estate agents. Travis has helped many Agents focus their Facebook ads on high lead generation and optimal conversion, increasing their revenue and online campaign successes.

Passionate about marketing, his understanding of how today’s online-empowered Real Estate consumer is changing the face of sales and enables him to create a better lead generation funnel based on consumer online behavior. Travis’ implementation of strategies based on consumer data have successfully sold and closed out multi-million dollar Real Estate developments, as well as millions in Single Family dwellings. Read more about Travis Thom here.